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Foot analysis and boot fitting

You will find your perfect boot in our shop.
With every purchase of a boot we measure and analyze your foot for free.
Because only with the right choice of boots you can prevent pain in your feet, sole cramps and back problems.
The basis for a perfect fitting boot is a foot analysis.


Does your boot hurt?
Do you have pain while skiing?
Is your boot too tight?

Our ski boot experts can expand your painful boot with a specific boot fitting tool, therefore, your boot can be customized to your individual foot.

Each and every problem zone such as buckles that are too tight in the front of your foot, heel parts that are too tight, or pressure points on your ankles can be worked on selectively.

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The BOOT DOC Foot Analysis System

The foot analysis system of Boot Doc is fascinating in every aspect.

The foot scanner delivers information about length, width, width of heel and shoe size. In addition, a special online program calculates the appropriate individual balance of pressure as well as categorizing the width and type of your foot.

This data leads to customized suggestions for insoles and boot types.


Of course, as 'The Race Sport Expert' we also offer the perfect ski boot service for our ski racers.

Various high-tech tools and race boot accessory parts enable us to work on your race boot efficiently.

  • Adjustment of pressure points on the inside of the shell with a flexible milling head
  • Selective stretching of the shell at delicate pressure points
  • Displacement and mounting of buckles
  • Mounting of race boosters at the shank of the ski boot
  • Doubling of race plates in various thicknesses, and milling of the sole with a specially developed tool
  • Adjustment of foot volume to the size of the race boot shell with diverse insoles

Let our experts advise you!